AHI Sewer Scope/ Mainline inspection

The Importance of a Sewer Scope Inspection When Buying a Home


A sewer scope/ main-line inspection performed by Analytical Home Inspection is a critical component of the home buying process that potential home buyers often overlook or ignore. Despite its importance, many home buyers do not understand what a sewer scope inspection is, why it is important, and why it should be performed before purchasing a home.

A sewer scope inspection involves using a specialized camera to inspect the condition of the sewer line that runs from the house to the main sewer line. This inspection provides an in-depth look at the condition of the sewer line and can reveal any issues that may affect the functionality of the sewer system. Some common issues that can be uncovered during a sewer scope inspection include cracks, blockages, and roots growing into the line. I also identify the main line material which could include Orangeburg pipe,  a bitumen rolled tar paper used during the late 1940s and early 1950s.

The importance of a sewer scope inspection lies in its ability to uncover potential problems with the sewer system before they become bigger and more expensive to fix. For example, a sewer line that is damaged or blocked can cause raw sewage to back up into the home, causing damage to the home’s interior and creating a health hazard. Furthermore, repairing a damaged sewer line can be expensive and time-consuming, making it important to identify any issues before they become more problematic.

In addition to uncovering potential issues with the sewer line, a sewer scope inspection can also provide valuable information about the age and condition of the sewer line. This information can be used by home buyers to negotiate a better price for the home or to seek repairs from the seller before closing on the building.

It is important to note that sewer scope inspections should only be performed by professionals who have experience and specialized equipment for performing this type of inspection. Home buyers interested in having a sewer scope inspection performed should seek out a professional inspection company specializing in this type of inspection(Analytical Home Inspection).

In conclusion, a sewer scope inspection is an important aspect of the home-buying process that should not be overlooked or ignored. By providing an in-depth look at the condition of the sewer line, a sewer scope inspection can help home buyers make informed decisions about the purchase of their new home, avoid costly repairs, and ensure a safe and functional sewer system for years to come. My main line inspection comes with a high-definition video and easy-to-read digital report for your records.

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