Pool & Spa Inspections in Eugene, OR

Ensure your pool and spa is up to code in Eugene, OR

It takes a professional to make sure your pool and spa are ready for use. Call a professional to take a look at the new pool to ensure it’s ready for use.

Analytical Home Inspection is a licensed and certified home inspection company based in Eugene, Oregon.

Choosing an inspector can be difficult, and choosing the right pool and spa inspector even more so. We guarantee our very best effort and thoroughness if you choose our services.

What’s Included in a Pool and Spa Inspection

A pool and spa inspection are necessary and vital for the use of your new pool. When you choose Analytical Home Inspection for your inspection services, you’ll get Eugene’s best inspection report of all the things listed below.

How Much Does a Pool and Spa Inspection Cost in Eugene, Oregon

Pool and Spa inspections are affordable for the average pool owner. The cost starts at $150. Included in this price is a thorough inspection of the pool and spa by a certified and licensed inspector as well as a comprehensive report detailing the findings of the inspection.

Analytical Home Inspection Pool and Spa Inspection Service Includes the Following:

  • The pool itself, which must be solid in the ground and free of leaks
  • All the equipment that keeps it clean
  • The heaters, filters and sweep
  • Drains, skimmers and returns
  • The plumbing
  • The electrical equipment
  • The decking surfaces surrounding the pool
  • Safety covers and any hardware that secures them
  • Diving boards and slides