Termite Inspections

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Wood-destroying insects can wreak havoc on your home, or your prospective home. Termites cause billions of dollars in property damage every year! Don’t let your home get anywhere close to damaged – let Analytical Home Inspection handle your property’s termite inspections, so it doesn’t get missed. We serve the area of Eugene, Oregon, and its surrounding area.  

Property Damaging Insects

Did you know that there are different species of termites? These different species of termites have different swarming habits. Some swarm during the day, some swarm right before dusk, and some swarm at high elevations right before sunset. Each state and area within the state has a different Infestation Probability Zone. In Oregon, the infestation probability is slight to moderate, so there is definitely potential for damage by termites. Termites are active within the state at all different times of the day. Make sure to talk to Cory Maynard with Analytical Home Inspection to protect your home and your investment. 

What Types of Termites Live in Oregon?

Oregon’s springtime weather brings dampness to homes all throughout the state.  Termites absolutely love damp weather. These lumber-destroying insects love the dampness because it is essential for their hydration and to digest cellulose. This additional hydration in your home can further attribute to the total damage factor within your residence and can make getting rid of termite infections much more difficult. Oregon’s most famous termite is the Dampwood termite, for this reason.   

These Dampwood termites are famous for eating everything within a support beam. They are also excellent hiders, as they cover up the holes they create. This secretive behavior can make it even more difficult for home inspectors in Eugene, Oregon to find them. The larger of the Dampwood termites are created for mating and reproducing, and they are often mistaken for winged ants. In order to properly decipher a Dampwood termite, look for its straight antennae. If you don’t want to ever get close enough to make a termite out, call Cory Maynard! 

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Preventing Termite Infestations Through Regular Termite Inspections

Wood-destroying insects love moisture and already-damaged wood. In your Analytical Home Inspection, these factors will be listed in your report. In addition, Cory will talk to you about what he has found and let you decide how you are going to manage it. The most important of these factors is removing moisture by taking care of plumbing problems, leaks, rainwater drainage, and more. Additionally, removing the damaged wood. This process can be incredibly expensive, so make sure you are getting a home inspection so that professionals can seek out the problems before they become disasters. Don’t let an inspection fee sacrifice the safety and well-being of you and your family.  

Analytical Home Inspection is licensed and certified as a home inspector as well as a pest inspector. With his over 20+ years of experience in construction, he’s seen it all! Cory’s state-of-the-art equipment and certification courses will make you feel at ease when you use his services. Call him today to diagnose any problem areas on your property!