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Why should you hire a professional to inspect your current property or the one you plan to buy soon? There are a lot of valid points of view on this issue, and most people likely don’t understand the need for a thorough home inspection. Here, you’ll learn the specifics that support that statement. If you are a current or potential homeowner, you should be aware of these top 10 advantages of hiring a professional home inspector.

1. Homeowners Insurance Approval

Homeowners insurance is a requirement of nearly all mortgage lenders, and the majority of insurance providers will not insure a home that has not undergone at least a 4-point inspection. Although this is the most obvious advantage of having a home inspection done, there are actually many more benefits to reap than just making your insurance company happy.

2. Prevent Potential “Buyer’s Regret”

Getting a thorough home inspection before closing might help you avoid having to live with any lingering remorse about your new property. No one wants to buy a house just to find out a year or two later that the plumbing is rotten, the air conditioning doesn’t work, the roof needs replacing, and the wiring needs to be completely redone. A 4-point check, or any other kind of inspection, can help you see potential issues before they become serious.

3. Quick Profitable Sale

In the eyes of the buyer, home inspections are still a must. Potential buyers will run away from your house if they learn about any of its flaws. The buyer will learn about these problems when he performs a house inspection, even if you are unaware of them. If the seller has this information beforehand, they may perform the necessary renovations and repairs, avoiding any potentially deal-killing surprises for potential buyers (likely to get a higher selling price.)

4. Buyers Gain Leverage for Bargaining

You, the buyer, may still want to proceed with the purchase despite the existence of issues detailed in the house inspection report. On the other hand, you may now have a strong “card” to use in future negotiations. Depending on the severity of the problem, the buyer may be able to negotiate a price reduction or even have the seller agree to rectify the issue at his expense. If severe problems are found and cannot be fixed to your satisfaction, you have the option to cancel the purchase agreement.

5. List of Issues for Future Reference

Your house inspection report is another advantage. If you arrange a thorough house inspection, the report will be quite lengthy. Even if small problems that are noted in the report don’t sway your decision to purchase the property or offer you leverage in negotiations, you should still get one because it provides an accurate depiction of the property’s state and serves as a “checklist” for potential renovations and fixes.

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6. Protect Your Home Against Wind Damage

You may find out how well your home is protected from severe winds by scheduling an inspection. Get advice on how to make changes that will reduce the risk of costly and/or dangerous wind damage. “Wind mitigation credits” can also be earned, which may reduce the cost of your house insurance..

7. Inspectors Can Detect any “WDO” Problems

A WDO inspection should be requested with the standard 4-point home inspection in regions where termites and other wood-destroying organisms are common. If the report reveals the presence of such pests, you can call in an exterminator to take care of the problem. Additionally, it may detect traces of previous infections and existing damage.

8. Discover any Hidden Problems

A standard home inspection may not be able to see all of the cracks, gaps, and nooks in a house. You can’t see into such spaces without an infrared inspection, though. The insulation, wood rot, and other issues with a property can be found with the help of modern, expert inspection equipment. They have cutting-edge equipment, one of which is infrared technology.

9. Save Money on Your Premiums

A home inspection may help you negotiate a better rate for your homeowner’s insurance. This might be accomplished with a simple inspection. However, you might need to fix some things before you can get a discount. As was previously noted, you can expect to save money on wind mitigation by earning credits based on an inspection report.

10. Peace of Mind

Last but not least, it should be noted that the tension of not having a home inspection done can be, well, unpleasant. Forget about monetary value, mental tranquility is priceless. Knowing that no issues exist is a huge bonus in and of itself, regardless of whether or not any are actually found.

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