Home Inspection Checklist for Sellers

Complete Checklist for Sellers

When it comes to preparing to sell your home, a home inspection is going to need to be completed.  However, before the home inspection, the homeowner needs to go through the home and make sure everything is in good condition and repair the things which may need repair. Once the repairs have been completed, keep the receipts and invoices out for your inspection to show proof of recent repairs. Below you will find a comprehensive list of what a home inspector may or may not be looking at.

Please note: The following list is only a substitute list, and not an actual list the inspector will use. If you live in or around Eugene, Oregon please contact Cory Maynard with Analytical Home Inspection.  He is highly qualified, licensed and bonded.

Property Around the House

______ No standing water
______ Trees, Shrubs and Bushes are all trimmed and looking good
______ No leaks from the septic tank
______ Hand railings around the house are secure and properly painted
______ Driveway has been properly graded
______ Driveway is in good condition
______ Downspout drainage is properly directed away from the structure

Exterior Home

______ Sides of the home are straight and not bowed
______ Door frames and windows are in good condition
______ Exterior foundation is in good condition
______ Siding – not showing any cracks or blemishes
______ No flaking of peeling of exterior paint
______ No dents in the vinyl or aluminum siding
______ If the structure is stucco, make sure there are no large cracks

Exterior Doors & Windows

______ Make sure caulking is complete around all pieces of trim
______ Check wood frames and trim to ensure there are signs of decay
______ No broken windows or sliding glass doors


______ Make sure shingles are lain properly with no broken or damaged shingles
______ Wood shingles – no signs of mold or mildew
______ Flashing is properly done around chimney and ventilation
______ Vents are clean and not painted over
______ Gutters are in good condition – no sections missing and downspouts are properly positioned
______ No evidence of damaged bricks or cracked joints on the chimney


______ No evidence of decay or structural damage
______ No stains on the underside of roofing
______ No open electrical wiring
______ Proper ventilation

Interior Rooms

______ No stains on the walls or flooring
______ No cracks or large blemishes on walls
______ Windows and trim are in good condition and work properly
______ Light switches work properly and light bulbs have been replaced
______ Wood trim is freshly painted and in good condition
______ Proper number of 3-prong electrical outlets in each room
______ Fireplace has no signs of cracking or damage to masonry, flue has been cleaned and lined recently and there is no back draft
______ Proper insulation in walls
______ Ensure each room is properly climate controlled


______ Exhaust fan provides proper ventilation
______Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter protection should be at an electrical outlet closer than 6 feet to the sink(s)
______ Proper plumbing
______ No stains or decay on flooring
______ No rust or deterioration on garbage disposal
______ Cabinets and drawer are in proper working condition
______ If appliances are built in – make sure they are operational


______ Check to ensure exhaust fan works properly and doesn’t end up in the attic
______Caulking around faucets, toilets, sinks and tub are done properly
______Plumbing works properly
______ If you have a metal sink – no signs of rust
______ Flooring is in good condition
______ Walls of tub and showers are secure


______ No evidence of extreme moisture
______ Any exposed foundation does not show signs of cracking
______ Visible wood does not show sign of decay or sagging

Crawl Space

______ Proper ventilation
______ No damage from moisture or insect infestation
______ Proper insulation has been installed around water lines


______ Well water – Pass test
______ Water heater works properly and does not show signs of rust or decay
______ Hot water heats between 118-125° Fahrenheit
______ Visible pipes do not show signs of damage

Electrical Wiring

______ All wiring is properly installed and in good condition
______ Circuit Breaker: All breakers are up to code and cables attached properly

HVAC/Heating Systems

______ Controlled climate works properly
______ Any flue located inside the house is properly cleaned and there are no open seams
______ Proper duct work is installed properly and in good condition
______ All air filters are cleaned
______ Propane Tank is filled


______ Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors have fresh batteries and are in working condition
______ All handrails are properly secured
______ Automatic garage door opener is in good working order
______ All light bulbs work throughout the house
______ Provide any special instructions need to operate specific appliances or systems
______ Remove pets
______ Make sure all locks have been removed from electrical box, gates and storage areas

Analytical Home Inspection is owned and operated by Cory Maynard, a licensed and practicing home inspector in Eugene, Oregon. Cory leads the local inspection industry with the most thorough and complete structural inspections available, providing easy to read digital reports. Schedule an inspection today before you sell or buy.