How long is a home inspection good for?

Home inspections can be daunting and tedious to go through, and afterward you might be wondering, how long is a home inspection good for exactly? The straightforward, quick answer to this question is as soon as the home inspection is over, but that answer may be too overly simple. It may be hard to fathom that the report is ancient history as soon as the home inspector leaves the property, however that is the case. It’s the reason why home inspection reports are written in past tense.

Who is a Home Inspection For?

A home inspection is usually acquired by a person that wants to buy the home, or a property owner that is seeking to sell the home at a fair price. If you have had a home inspection then generally speaking, it is good for several weeks as USUALLY there will not be any changes or damages that take place, however some buyers may opt to have their own home inspection performed by their preferred inspector. That does not mean that your home inspection, as a seller, was not good, it just means that they prefer using their own inspector and acquiring their own report. It is possible for a problem to occur a day after a home inspector has finished up their report on the home, as in truth, anything can happen.

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When Does a Home Inspection Take Place?

A home inspection typically takes place after a buyer has made an offer on a home. Lenders typically do not require a home inspection for a mortgage, however most buyers want a home inspection to be sure that the home is structurally sound and that there are not any problems hiding in the home that they may not be able to see.

You may be wondering, if there are multiple buyers making offers, and they are hiring the same home inspector, do they all have to pay the same fee, or will the report vary? The answer lies in the fact that when a home inspector inspects a home, they must perform the inspections as if they have never seen the home before. The reports could be different if a seller has made updates, or if the inspector notices a new point of issue that they did not see previously.

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Why Get a Home Inspection, when it has a Short Validity Period?

Should a seller acquire an inspection then if the report is only valid while the inspector is making the inspection? The answer is yes. Home inspections can help you detect areas that you might need to improve upon and validate your home listing price, as well. If you get a home inspection you are legally required to disclose the inspection report to the potential buyer. This can help with the sale and work to your benefit in the long run. Appearing transparent to a buyer is always a good thing.

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