What Should you Do During and After a Home Inspection?

If you have never had a home inspection before then you may not know what is entailed in a proper one. You can expect that your home inspector will come out to the home at a designated time and spend a few hours checking out various parts of the home.

Be Available

Analytical Home Inspection inspectors in Eugene Oregon will be on time for your home inspection. We ask that you be available and on time as well. If possible, have other parties vacate the premises for a few hours to make the inspection easier. While this is not necessary, however if you have a large family it might certainly make things go a lot smoother as we are checking out everything we need to in the home. Your attendance is not mandatory, however you will benefit from being on site so that we can answer your questions and give you a detailed analysis in person.

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Let the Inspector Take Their Time

This is important. If you are buying a home, selling your home, or trying to find out issues that have arisen in your home then you want the home inspector to take their time and properly check out all areas of the home. You should not schedule other appointments around the same time as the home inspection and then rush the home inspection process to accommodate these appointments. The average home can be inspected in about 2 hours, however larger homes or homes with problems may take more time.

Lead the Inspector Throughout the Home

Our Eugene OR Home inspectors inspect all types of homes and know their way around. They will want to see the HVAC, plumbing, electrical system, and attic in the home. You can point them in the right direction of these areas to be helpful. Steer clear of the way though so that they can thoroughly inspect all the areas that they need to. They will check the roof, walls, ceilings, doors, windows, your foundation and other areas, as well.

You May Have Questions, Make a List

You may have a specific problem area you’d like to discuss with the home inspector. Hopefully, you have already discussed this with us when making the initial appointment, that way we can be on the lookout for the specific issues that you have questions about. Sometimes, questions arise while we are at a home performing the inspection. It is helpful sometimes to bring them up as we are checking out a specific area that you have a question about. Other times, it might be necessary to create a quick list in your head of questions that you have to bring up at the end of the home inspection.

Expect an Honest Analysis

Our home inspectors are thorough and detailed in our reporting. We understand that when buying or selling a home our report can weight heavily on a buyer or sellers’ choices. If there are areas that you think you could improve before the inspection, certainly go ahead and take care of quick and easy things. We report honestly and do not try and make a home appear perfect. A perfect home inspection should be a bit of a red flag as any home will have its issues after the ‘brand new’ period.

After a home inspection you will have the answers that you desire to make decisions for the future. If you are looking to buy the home then you know about any potential pitfalls that might be included in the home and can negotiate based on those, if there are any. If you are selling a home, you’ll know places that you might be able to improve upon, or understand that your selling price is solid as there are no issues that would effect the cost of the home.

If potential issues are found, you can take our thorough report and look for professionals that will help you solve the problems that were found. Oftentimes, items listed in the report are easily handled with some minor updates and changes.

Analytical Home Inspection is owned and operated by Cory Maynard, a licensed and practicing home inspector in Eugene, Oregon. Cory leads the local inspection industry with the most thorough and complete structural inspections available, providing easy to read digital reports. Schedule an inspection today before you sell or buy.